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  • WP Smiley Switcher 0.1

  • Release Date: September 13th, 2008
  • Requirements: Wordpress 2.5+
  • Licence: GNU
  • Price: FREE Download


With this plugin you can choose a smiley pack from the settings / options in admin or simply choose your own smiley pack directory.


  • - Choose your own smiley pack directory
  • - Choose from other smileys than WordPress default smileys
  • - Enable / disable smileys in posts / pages
  • - Enable / disable smileys in comments



  • - Plugin created

Support this plugin

  • - Report bugs or give me feedback
  • - Blog about this plugin
  • - Spread the word
  • - Provide me with code or smiley packs to be included with this plugin (if it’s good enough)

Special thanks to

I would like to thank Noktah Hitam for letting me use the Noktahhitam smileys.


  1. 2011-11-16 - EddyGeek

    im seeing some of the blog show the list of smiley below comment’s box to make easy for user to choose from. any idea how to do that?

  2. 2009-11-02 - Helena

    Very good plugin, thank you so much.

  3. 2009-06-13 - Budiclan

    Thanks for the plugin…
    I search this one for a long time


  4. 2009-04-04 - bilal

    Thanks for the plugin….Wordpress is the Best!

  5. 2009-02-16 - Cheesey


    Many thanks for the Plugin although it’s not exactly what I’ve been searching for. It’s a shame WP doesn’t have an option like this itself, but never mind, you did a nice job.

    It would be even cooler if you could enable/disable the smileys for certain Posts or Pages, and if you could change the Smiley-Pack for a certain post or page too!

    Keep up your work! Thank you!

  6. 2009-01-14 - Mohammad Ali

    i think this is so better to use get_bloginfo() function with ‘wpurl’ parameter instead of ‘url’ in this plugin, because we can install wordpress in sub directory and use deferent url for blog’s url.

  7. 2008-11-10 - xtreme_paranoid

    its not working for my blog..
    can help me?

  8. 2008-11-02 - Ray

    Hi, I was linked to this from the SA forums. I have installed the plugin (and activated it) and copied over a bunch of SA smilies to an SA directory as a sub-directory of the plugin. I have pointed the settings at the new directory and saved the settings. I cannot see any way to use the smilies though. Am I missing something obvious?

    I’m on WP 2.6.3

  9. 2008-11-02 - nico kurnianto

    i will try this one

  10. 2008-10-23 - dementia

    Do I need to rename my smilies in order for them to work?

  11. 2008-09-18 - fryevhen

    The many thanks for the work! I the worshipper Of wordPress, and included your site in survey on my blog. Regards from the Ukraine!

  12. 2008-09-16 - baron

    hi. Thanks for plugin



  13. 2008-09-16 - dfgfd


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