WP Developer Assistant

August 29th, 2008

I just found a great plugin for plugin developers. It’s called WP Developer Assistant. You think you don’t need an assistant with your work? Think again!

I often go to MySQL to check the options table, to see if the values are sent correctly. With this plugin you don’t need to. All the values can be viewed and changed directly in admin.

All hooks, both actions and filters can be listed in admin.

You can even run SQL querys in admin and list the WordPress tables if you forgot their names. However, it does not understand SQL querys including strings like this “$wpdb->posts” which could have been better but it is still impressive.

There is other things you can do, show all defines, upload files, list PHP info or enable memory leaks error reports.

Read more about the plugin at RealThemes.

  1. 2012-03-01 - dj

    I will give it try tonight.

  2. 2009-08-16 - kamal

    Thanks for sharing this plugin, I have been looking for it and I found it throught your post.

    I will give it try tonight.



  3. 2008-12-07 - Greggy

    Really Really Nice :)