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  • WP Blurb 0.1

  • Release Date: September 28th, 2008
  • Requirements: Wordpress 2.5+
  • Licence: GNU
  • Price: FREE Download

Want limited meta descriptions? limited sidebar text snippets? limited blog teasers? Maybe you have custom texts you need to limit in length? No problem! This plugin does it all.

Limit posts, pages, categories or your custom text. Limit the number of characters to what you like. You are calling the plugin function from your theme.


  1. Upload the wp-blurb directory to wp-content/plugins.
  2. Activate the plugin


You can use WP Blurb to very many things. Here is just some examples of where you can use this plugin.

  • Automatically display Meta Descriptions
  • Automatically display Blog Teasers
  • Automatically sidebar Text Snippets
  • Display a snippet of a custom text of your choice


Moretext (string) – Text end ([...] is set by default).
Limit (int) – Limit the number of characters, rounded down to whole words (default is unlimited, empty input).
Custom input (string) – Your own text (the_content, the_excerpt and category_description is default).

Example 1. Meta Description

Place the code below to create an automated meta description into your posts, pages, categories, archives, index and so on.

<meta name="Description" content="<?php wp_blurb('[more]', 200); ?>" />

Example 2. Blog teasers

Within the loop, in the archive.php, place this code:

<?php wp_blurb('[...]', 200, get_the_content()); ?>

Example 3. Custom Text Snippet

Use the parameters to control the output. You can even insert your own text.

<?php wp_blurb('[More]', 10, 'This is my little text.'); ?>

Example 4. Advanced usage | Change the output yourself

Advanced users sometimes like to change things. The output text can be changed with the get_simple_description() function.

$my_description = get_blurb();
echo $my_description;



  • Plugin created
  1. 2009-04-11 - Wayne

    This Plugins for Search Engines.I used it my blog.thanks

  2. 2009-02-19 - Jerome

    Thanks to your plugin..

  3. 2009-01-16 - Sarah

    Okay, I’m so very new to all this “PHP” code. I am proficient at html code, I have a firm grasp of CSS. My question is this. . .
    I am wanting to add a snippet of my most recent posts on my html home page *FROM* my wordpress blog. (which happens to all be on the same server just different directories.
    I have been searching for 2 days for how to do this. I can’t seem to find anything for this.


  4. 2008-11-10 - Henrique

    I’ve a VideoBlog, and I want to hide the [video]YoUTuB3Id[/video] tag from the snippet.
    For eg, the snippet appears:
    [Video]hyYAysaha[/video]Content, blablabla, cool plugin, blablabla”
    And I want to remove that [video][/video] tags.

    There is some way?

  5. 2008-10-06 - malcheck


    thx for the fast reply.
    i installed your plugin but it isn’t working right.
    please if you have a sec. look at the 2 jpgs.
    First is my sidebar i wanna limit the text to 1 line, as you can see the first post is on 2 lines.
    Second is the sidebar.php can you tell me where i should put in the code?
    i really appreciate your help, thx

  6. 2008-10-06 - jens

    < ?php wp_blurb('(...)', 15, get_the_title()); ?>
    This should do it!

  7. 2008-10-05 - malcheck


    I am looking for a way to shorten text in the sidebar.

    At the moment, if I have a longer post, sidebar link expands to second row – I dont want that, i want something like this:

    If link (title) is too long, show only first 15 characters (for example):

    Original title/sidebar link: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit

    I want this:
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectet(…)

    Could you help me on that?

  8. 2008-10-03 - fryevhen

    The many thanks for the work! I the worshipper Of wordPress, and included your site in survey on my blog. Regards from the Ukraine!

  9. 2008-10-02 - jens

    It strips the HTML tags before limiting the input.

  10. 2008-10-02 - tricky

    I wonder how it acts when it finds an html tag using get_the_content

  11. 2008-10-01 - Taeke

    Looks like a promising plugin, will use it in my next project

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