• Green Island 0.2

  • Release Date: August 22nd, 2008
  • Requirements: Wordpress 2.5+
  • Licence: GNU
  • Price: FREE Download


I wanted to do something a little bit different than the other WordPress themes out there and the front of this theme is not like any other theme I’ve seen. This theme uses the frontpage as a summery of the blog/site. Not only can you see the latest posts, you can also see the about-page, the categories and the tags.

I use the sidebar to show the latest comments and put the archive at the bottom. The name “Green Island” was chosen because the background is blue like the water and the rest is kind of floating in the blue. There is green grass and white snow if you will.



  • Fixed bug – Index now shows all the latest posts correctly
  • Fixed bug – CSS problems with IE6 in the “Related” box
  • Fixed bug – CSS problems with IE6 in the comments fields
  • Fixed bug – CSS problems with WP Caption (images floating within posts and pages)


  • Theme created


  1. 2012-01-31 - Kreativ Theme

    The good old wordpress days were always nice when you found a theme like Green Island … by today’ standards it is a bit old fashion, but still great if you want to build a simple blog …


  2. 2010-08-20 - Linda Michel White

    I love the theme, it is so crisp and clean looking. I would also like to know how to increase the size of the fonts. I have them the size that I want in the editor, but when I update my site they appear quite a bit smaller. How can I get them to appear the way I have them set up in my editor?
    Thank you for your consideration.

  3. 2010-07-28 - Chris Lee

    Hi! I love this theme – great job. My client would like me to take the date off the pages (not the posts) to make it look more like a normal website. A WordPress Blog pro told me to delete the date from the style sheet, but I can’t find any reference to a date there. But then again – I don’t know how to read html, soooo what’s the easiest way to go about this? Thx Much.

  4. 2009-06-16 - D

    Hi, is it completely free and okey to use these themes for my own site as long as I keep the “template by http://www.web-templates.nu” at the bottom?

    - Is it ok if I change the header/ edit the buttons and so on? and still keep the text at the bottom?

  5. 2009-06-01 - Veronica

    I love your templates but the one I chose is not widget ready. What about the others?

  6. 2009-06-01 - Veronica

    I love this green island theme. But I was wondering if it is possible
    to increase the size of the font. And if so how do i do it?

  7. 2009-05-07 - judy

    Hi, I love this theme (green island) – it is perfect for the non-profit CMs (non-blog) site I am attempting to build – Question: is there any way within this theme to show sub-pages — ideally as drop downs from the main navigation items at the top of the page? I have tried a plugin (WPML ) without any luck so far


  8. 2009-04-15 - Ryan

    Hey man! Thanks for the theme! It is the best theme I have found so far for what I am doing! I am very impressed with this work! I am needing some custom WordPress templates for some of my sites I host. I was wondering if you could design something to what I will be needing. Your free template is better than most of the $$ templates I have ever seen (for WordPress). I can offer you up to $80 per custom template, and you can even keep your work on your site for others for free!
    Just email me if you are interested! Thanks!
    Ryan, MacroWebHost.com, ryanfarmer@mac.com

  9. 2008-08-28 - Jay

    Sounds like a cool idea. I’ll give it a try.

  10. 2008-08-28 - Jean-Baptiste

    Thanks for this theme ! :)

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